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Jazz vocalist and actress Gayle Peck, known as Julie London, was born on September 26, 1926 in Santa Rosa, California. She was the daughter of Jack and Josephine Peck, who were vaudeville song-and-dance team . Best known for her smoky, sensual voice, she was at her singing career's peak in the 1950s. Her acting career lasted more than 35 years, ending with the role of nurse Dixie McCall, RN, on the television series Emergency! (1972–1979).

When she was 14, the family moved to Los Angeles, California. Shortly after that, she began appearing in movies. She graduated from the Hollywood Professional School,in Hollywood, in 1945.

In July 1947 she married actor Jack Webb (of Dragnet fame). Her widely regarded beauty and poise (she was a pinup girl prized by GIs during World War II) contrasted strongly with his pedestrian appearance and streetwise acting technique (much parodied by impersonators). This unlikely pairing arose from their mutual love for jazz music. They had two daughters, Stacy and Lisa Webb. London and Webb divorced in November 1954. Daughter Stacy Webb was killed in a traffic accident in 1996.
In 1954, having become somewhat reclusive after her divorce from Webb, she met jazz composer and musician Bobby Troup at a club on La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. They married on December 31, 1959, and remained married until his death in February 1999. Together, they had one daughter, Kelly Troup and twin sons, Jody and Reese Troup. Kelly Troup died in March 2002.

London's most famous single, "Cry Me a River", was written by her high-school classmate Arthur Hamilton and produced by Troup. The recording became a million-seller after its release in December 1955 and also sold on re-issue in April 1983 from the attention brought by a Mari Wilson Cover. London performed the song in the film The Girl Can' t Help It (1956), and her recording gained later attention in the films Passion of Mind (2000) and V for Vendetta (2006).
Other popular singles include "Hot Toddy," "Daddy" and "Desafinado." Recordings such as "Go Slow" epitomized her career style: her voice is slow, smoky, and sensual.

Her last recording was the classic "My Funny Valentine" for the soundtrack of the Burt Reynolds film Sharky's Machine (1981).
Her star on the Walk of Fame is at 7000 Hollywod Boulevard in Los Angeles.
Julie sings " Cry Me a River"
Julie London passed away on October, 2000 in Encino,California, at age 74.
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