Friday, May 22, 2009

A cantora, melhor dizendo, a maravilhosa cantora Jaimee Paul presta tributo às grandes divas do passado no seu cd de estréia "At Last" e, ao homenage-las como as inesquecíveis "garotas cantoras" de todos os nossos tempos, nos gratifica com um exemplar impecável de todo seu potencial vocal, incisivamente influenciado por Aretha Franklin e Lena Horne, sem que por um segundo sequer, caia na tentação da mímica. Quando temos a ventura, como agora, de nos depararmos com uma jovem cantora deste quilate, ( pasmem: ela nasceu em 1977 no Tennesee!) fica claro que a arte musical e o bom gosto aliados podem produzir musica de qualidae impar. Este disco é uma revelação de puro hedonismo. Confiram.

In the vast world of vocal music available to us today, there is precious litlle out there to claim our ears. When a singer like Jaimee Paul comes along, we remember that musical artistry and good taste can produce wonderful music decade. Jaimee has listened to and learned from, the singers of the past but she is aware that there is already an Ella, a Rosie,a Lena, and a Billie. She brings it all together in her debut cd "At Last", paying tribute to the great "girl singers" of our time. She is a revelation without mimicry.

She paid little attention to the music of the 1980’s. Instead, she listened to the likes of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart while adding a flavor of Sinatra, Crosby, and even Aretha Franklin. It was the support of music in her family, their ever present love and perfect timing from the Lord above that has given her the strong desire to pursue the genre that she never thought possible, until now…

Click here and watch her performing Fever (Peggy Lee) and dare to say I'm wrong.

cd play listing - At Last, Cry me a River, Fever, Crazy,What a diference a day made (bossa nova), Summertime, Lover Man, Sentimental Journey, Stormy Weather,Whatever Lola Wants, Love you didn't do right by me, You belong to me, Over the Rainbow.

Reference - Cd liner notes.

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