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Jazz pianist, vocalist and arranger Page Cavanaugh,was born on January 26,1922 in Cherokee, Kansas and his his first steady work was in the territory band, the Ernie Williamson Orchestra, in the late nineteen thirties . During the Second World War stationed in Sacramento, California, , Cavanaugh was the replacement pianist for an Army trio called "The Three Sergeants", and in that group made the acquaintance of Al Viola and Lloyd Pratt who would form a musical partnership after their military service was over.

By the mid forties, now based in Los Angeles, the small unit called "The Page Cavanaugh Trio" began to get club work in the Southern California area. They patterned their musical style after the King Cole Trio and developed a unique vocal sound which consisted of soft voiced unison singing. Soon they were garnering great reviews and spreading popularity. They began recording for small West Coast labels and soon found a few musical spots in motion pictures.

The first recordings by the three man unit were for the ARA label. These include “Air Mail Special” / “Saipan”, and “Fish And Chips” and “After You've Gone”, "The Three Bears" and "Vine Street Hayride".

“All Of Me” and a remake of “The Three Bears” was released on RCA. “Bears” was a good seller for the group and gave them name recognition especially on the West Coast. Johnny Desmond sang with the trio on “I'll Close My Eyes” and “Guilty”, and Jane Harvey did the vocal honors on “Foggy River” and “My Number One Dream Came True”. “Heartbreakin” and “Walking My Baby Back Home” followed, as did “Love's Got Me In A Lazy Mood” on.

In addition to the recordings, they had an admirer of their work in Frank Sinatra. They did a number of appearances on the radio show Songs By Sinatra on the CBS radio network during late 1946 and early 1947. They even backed up Sinatra on “That's How Much I Love You” and “I Got A gal I Love” on Columbia.

In the late 1940s the trio also found themselves doing work in motion pictures. First was Record Party a Name Band Musical short, then in 1948 came Big City and A Song Is Born with Page doing a dramatic turn, and then “Jingle Jangle Jingle” and most importantly, Romance On The High Seas which starred Doris Day in her first leading role.

Besides the many club dates in Los Angeles and vicinity, the trio headed East for a big appearance at the Strand Theater in New York with Sarah Vaughn. They recorded “Anything For You” and “Ok'l Baby Dok'l”, “Daisies Don't Tell” and “We're From Afar”.
Pianist Page Cavanaugh passed way on December,2008.

The Page Cavanaugh do "Daddy- O"

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