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Jazz singer Calabria Foti was born on January 23rd, in Fredonia, upstate NY, into a family of musicians, and was completely immersed in music from the very beginning.

Highly trained and gifted musicians, her parents passed on amazing intrinsic musical skills to their daughter (including an incredible memory and understanding of music after only one hearing) and their deep love for music and education.

Calabria's first instruments were jazz guitar and bass. And because of her love for classical music, she also took up the violin and became very successful, including holding positions of concertmaster and associate concertmaster in several orchestras.

By age 12, in addition to playing several instruments and seriously studying the violin, Calabria was singing and performing in nightclubs and hotels with her musician parents and their colleagues. Her parents introduced her to the music of the vocalists who would become her biggest influences: Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr, and Judy Garland.

Apparently, she learned her lessons well, as today’s music industry giants have praised Ms. Foti’s amazing vocal talent, and her unique way of making a connection with her audience.

Calabria Foti is almost a kind of musical Renaissance Woman. In addition to her talents as a performer, she is also a gifted songwriter and vocal arranger. Her passion for music education has led her to coaching and conducting vocal and string ensembles of all performance levels in both jazz and classical music. Having a natural ability for teaching and a thoroughly engaging manner, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of both vocal and instrumental music into every educational setting.

Her CD " A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening" released in October (2007), has received rave industry reviews. The CD is a rich collection of lush ballads, edgy jazz and Broadway show tunes. Legendary singer Johnny Mathis, The King of Romance Himself, says, “One of my greatest pleasures in life is listening to a beautiful voice. This recording of Calabria Foti's voice is some of the most beautiful and artistic music I have ever heard. Her heart and mind are on display in every well-chosen song. It is a treasure . . . what a joy.”

Her other CD "When a Woman Loves a Man", is worth listening to.

Calabria sings "A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening"
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