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A cantora de jazz americana Stacey Kent, nasceu no 27 de março de 1968, em Orange County, New Jersey. Kent graduou-se em literatura comparada no Sarah Lawrence College em Nova York, e mudou-se para Inglaterra após sua graduação para estudar na Guildahall School of Music and Drama em Londres. Nesta cidade conheceu o saxofonista, Jim Tomlinson, com quem casou em agosto de 1991.

Seu primeiro CD "Close Your Eyes", foi lançado em 1997. Lançou outros cinco álbuns desde então, e participou nos álbuns de Tomlinson, cujo The Lyric (2005), recebeu o prêmio de álbum do ano no BBC Jazz Awards, 2006. Stacey também recebeu o prêmio de melhor vocalista no British Jazz Award (2001) e BBC Jazz Award (2002).

Seu álbum "The Boy Next Door" foi disco de ouro na França em setembro de 2006. O álbum "Breakfast On The Morning Tram", (2007) conquistou o disco de ouro três meses após seu lançamento na França e foi indicado para o Grammy.

O mais recente trabalho de Stacey Kent o CD "Raconte-Moi" foi lançado no último dia 22 de março, é todo cantado em Françês. Um "must have" maravilhoso, mas só para quem tem bom gosto, é claro.

Stacey canta.

American jaz singer Stacey Kent was born on March 27, 1968 in Orange County, New Jersey, is a Grammy nominated. Kent attended Newark Academy in Livingston, New Jersey. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York and moved to England after her graduation. While studying at London's Guilhall School of Music and Drama, she met the tenor saxophonista, Jim Tomlinson, whom she married on August 9, 1991.
In the early 1990s, Kent began her professional career singing regularly in a popular nightspot, Café Boheme in London's Soho. After two or three years, Kent began opening for established jazz acts across the road at the Ronnie Scott's nightclub in London.

Her first CD, Close Your Eyes, was released in 1997. She has released seven CDs since then, as of 2010, and has also featured on Tomlinson's albums, most recently The Lyric (2005), which won "Album of the Year" at the 2006 BBC Jazz Awards.

Kent's music has been championed by critic and jazz trumpeter Humphrey Lyttleton, and she won the 2001 British Jazz Award and the 2002 BBC Jazz Award for Best Vocalist. She has also presented jazz programmes on BBC Radio 2 and 3.

Kent's album, "The Boy Next Door" achieved Gold album status in France in September, 2006. CD "Breakfast on the Morning Tram" (2007) achieved Platinum album status in France in November, 2007 and Gold album status in Germany in February, 2008 and was nominated for Best Jazz Vocal Album at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Kent appeared in Ian McKellen'ss 1995 film version of Richard III, singing a jazz version of Christopher Marlowe's poem "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love". Booker Prize-winning novelist Kazuo Ishiguro wrote the liner notes to Kent's 2003 album, In Love Again. Ishiguro has co-written four of the songs on the fall 2007 Blue Note album Breakfast on the Morning Tram. One of the songs written by Ishiguro, "The Ice Hotel," with music composed by Tomlinson won first prize in the International Songwriring Competition in April 2008.

On March, 31, 2009 Kent received the National Order of Arts and Letters, (Ordre des Arts et des Lettres), a government decoration, in recognition of her contribution to the arts, from French Culture Minister Chistine Albanel.

Stacey's latest album, "Raconte-Moi" was released this past week on March 22, 2010, (Blue Note/EMI) is an all-French album.

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