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Jazz/cabaret vocalist and night club entertainer Linda Kosut, was born on March 21, 1946, in New York City and is a singer with strong acting chops who effortlessly weaves through differing genres - from jazz to pop to folk - with an ability to touch your heart or have you tapping your feet.

Linda grew up in a musical family, her parents’ both amateur singers and pianists; she studied dance and piano as a young girl, in New York studied acting at the Claude Underwood Studios and voice and cabaret performance under the tutelage of Ellie Ellsworth at The Actors Institute. She is a 1990 Fellow of the Cabaret Symposium of the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

From New York City she transplanted to San Francisco over 20 years ago, and only began pursuing her dream of performing a few years ago as she approached “boomer” status, and she has not stopped since. Linda has performed at some of the most renowned jazz clubs in the country from New Yorks’ Iridium Jazz Club to Los Angeles’ Jazz Bakery and a recent show to a near sell-out crowd at San Francisco’s Yoshi’s Jazz Club.

After starting on her musical career path in 2000, by 2003 she had released her highly acclaimed debut CD, "Life is But a Dream" a mix of jazz standards and pop tunes. The CD was selected as one of the top female vocalist recordings by Cabaret Hotline, New York.

This was followed by her recent national tour an inspired tribute show to the late jazz legend Oscar Brown Jr. which celebrated Linda’s sophomore CD and garnered packed houses, awards and national recognition from the Jazz Times to the Los Angeles Times. The Los Angeles Times’ Don Heckman said of her, “… a style of her own with its warm, dark sound and articulate, theatrically trained phrasing, deserved a far longer run. ”

Linda Kosut received BackStage Magazine’s 2008 Bistro/BMI Award for Outstanding Recording. She also received nominations for Best Female Jazz Vocalist and Best Jazz Recording from MAC, Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs; plus the Cabaret Hotline 2008 Member's Choice Award.

She is the co-founder of the San Francisco vocal trio The Kitchenettes known for their swinging jazz renditions of food & lust related songs. Before their break-up to pursue solo careers, the group performed throughout California, in Italy and recorded a CD of their most popular tunes.

Linda coaches singers in performance technique, lyric interpretation and stage presentation. She also produces showcases for emerging vocal performers. In addition, she designs marketing material for performing artists and performance organizations.

Linda does "Red River Shore" (Bob Dylan)

Recommended CDs

June 2007: “Long As You're Living- the songs & poetry of Oscar Brown Jr.”

January 2003: “Life is but a dream”

September 2003: “Dining at The Banquet” with The Kitchenettes trio.

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