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Singer Jeri Brown was born on March 20, 1952, in St. Louis, Missouri. Although she is an american, Jeri is thought of as one of Canada's top jazz singers since she lives in Montreal and records regularly for the Canadian Justin Time label.

Her dramatic interpretations, four-coctave range, versatility and ability to uplift a wide variety of material have made her a significant singer for the past two decades. Jeri begin singing from an early age entertaining her family when she was just three. She studied several instruments including piano, violin, and percussion at a conservatory and was consistently inspired and cheered on by her family.

After becoming one of the top jazz singers based in Cleveland, Ohio, she worked extensively in Europe, moved to Canada and has been very busy ever since as a lyricist (including collaborations with Kenny Wheeler, Cyrus Chestnut and Henry Butler), arranger, playwriter, side person and leader of he own groups. Brown cites Sarah Vaughan and Betty Carter as being among her favorites all-time singers, and her collaborations with Jimmy Rowles and Leon Thomas are two of her most cherished memories.

Jeri Brown sings Jazz.

Recommended CDs

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A timeless Place

Fresh Start

Firm Roots


I've Got Got Your Number

Sempre, Nina.

Press quotes.

"The torch has been passed, Betty Carter is gone, and Jeri Brown is in line here and now." - Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

"Brown's voice is a true marvel, seemingly boundless in its range, resourcefulness and daring. She leaps back and forth across several octaves as if it were no more difficult than breathing, and scats at length with unusual grace and soul." - The Washington Post"

Brown's voice is so compelling, delivered with such a stunning blend of musicality and expressiveness, that the content of the songs fades in importance. She could, to paraphrase the classic phrase, sing the telephone book and make you remember every number." - Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

"Brown's brilliance as a scat singer & her narrative flair are unsurpassed among singers of her generation." - Nashville Scene"

"She's outstanding...she has a really pretty voice...I don't normally like scat singers, those scooby-doo people, but she does something different with it." - Jimmy Rowles"

Brown uses her voice with a rare sensitivity to jazz phrasing; by turns sweet and sassy, it is always focused and pure in tone. A little torch, a little bop: a lot to like." - Tim Sheridan, All Music Guide

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