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American swing and bebop pianist, organist and arranger Sir Charles Phillip Thompson was born on March 12, 1918 in Springfield, Ohio.

He was a professional pianist from the age of 10. By the age of twelve Thompson was playing private parties with Bennie Moten and his band in Colorado Springs. During this time Count Basie played off and on with Moten's band, and during a showing Basie called the young Thompson up to play. He was dubbed Sir Charles Thompson by Lester Young years later.

Thompson composed the jazz standard "Robbins' Nest." He has chiefly worked with small groups, although he belonged to the Coleman Hawkins/Howard McGee band in 1944-1945. Throughout the 40s he recorded with Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon and J.C. Heard among others.

Today Thompson lives in California.

"Robbins' Nest"

Reference - Wikipédia

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