Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Jazz pianist Patti Wicks, was born on February 24,1945 in Islip, NY and is also a sensitive ballad singer. She has had a long career and is finally receiving recognition. Patti is a highly regarded international recording artist. She was born two month premature, leaving her visually impaired. At the age of three she heard he mother play a song on the piano and then, without any encouragement she walked over to the piano and played it back note-for-note.
Patti currently resides in Florida but visits New York frequently and has toured Europe several times, particularly Italy. She made her recording debut on 1997's "Root at the Top" and has thus far recorded five CDs that featured both her heartfelt singing and fluent piano. Over the years she has also accompanied many singers, like Anita O’Day, Rebecca Parris, Sheila Jordon, Carol Sloane.

Her biggest influence, was Bill Evans and she likes to listen to mainly instrumentalists jazz greats: Wayne Shorter, Miles, Cannonball Adderley, . That’s how she learned most of her musical repertoire, listening to them.

Her CD “Dedicated To” was recorded in Italy with an Italian trio: Giovanni Sanguineti on bass and Giovanni Gullino on drums. Special guest was tenor player Scott Hamilton.
For more information about Patti, visit her website:
Patti sings "I Have the Feeling I've Been Here Before"
Recommended CDs
Love Locked Out
Basic Feeling
It's a Good Day (Received an Italian jazz award for the best jazz album in 2008)

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