Friday, February 19, 2010


Jazz singer Jackie Allen was born on February 19, 1959 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a talented jazz singer who often interprets pop songs. Jackie has long been a major performer in Chicago. Part of a very musical family, she played French horn early on in addition to showing talent as a singer.

She attended the University of Wisconsin, where she learned a great deal about jazz; among her teachers was bassist Richard Davis. By 1987, she had moved back to Milwaukee, where for three years she sang regularly at the Wyndham Hotel while joined by organist Melvin Rhyne. In 1990, Allen moved to Chicago, where she has performed regularly as a singer who falls between jazz and cabaret.

In the early '90s, Jackie Allen recorded "Never Let Me Go", her debut album for the Lake Shore Jazz label; a long hiatus preceded the release of "Which" six years later.

Gradually during the past decade, Jackie has been becoming better known outside Chicago. Although she sings her share of standards, she is not shy to include material from other sources in her repertoire, including songs by Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Sting and herself. Still, she sings primaraly from a jazz base and with the spirit of improvised music.

Jackie Allen's press kit.
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Reference - Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

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