Monday, February 01, 2010


Singer, Vocal Improviser, Artist, Composer, Lyricist, Poet, Actor, Nora McCarthy, was born on February 1,1958, in New York City. She is a prominent member of the New York Jazz Community. She and her various groups work at the top jazz venues in New York and elsewhere in the world.

McCarthy's musical roots are vast and varied, crossing cultures and genres - from the Great American song book to contemporary modern jazz and bebop, early rhythm and blues, funk music, Hawaiian and Brazilian music and in recent years she's embraced and been embraced by “the avant garde.

Currently, Nora leads and co-leads several groups: The Nora McCarthy Qu 'ART' et; The Conceptual Motion 20-piece Orchestra; A Small Dream In Red - Voice and Saxophone Duo; and, The Ace (Afro-Caribbean-Experimental) Collective with alto saxophonist, Jorge Sylvester.

Nora sings "Too Young to Go Steady"

Reference - AAJ

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