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A cantora Katie Eagleson nasceu no 4 de Agosto de 1953 e tem atuado no cenário musical da Filadélfia há mais de 25 anos.O estilo diversificado levou-a ao desenvolvimento de um repertório eclético, porém é na exploração do Great American Songbook que ela se supera.

Katie canta com afinco e sensibilidade emocional. Os colegas de musica, assim ciomo os aprecisadores de sua musica, elogiam o timbre de sua voz, a dicção e o swing natural que ela possui. Sua voz também já foi descrita como "soulful" e sincera. O seu vibrato causa impacto emocional no audiente.

Quando Katie canta, fica claro o respeito que ela tem, pelos compositores. A sua sinceridade sobresai quando faz a leitura das composições dos Gershwins, Cole Porter e do casal Bergmans, não importando se a letra das musicas sejam nostalgicas, romanticas ou hilárias.

Em 2007 debutou com o CD "Once Upon a Time" onde registrou com talento e energia toda a sua capacidade musical. Vale a pena a audição.

Singer Katie Eagleson was born August 4,1953 and has been singing in the Philadelphia area for over 25 years. Her varied performance experiences have led to a diverse repertoire, but it is in her interpretation of the Great American Songbook where she truly shines.

She has the ability to sing with great attention to detail coupled with emotional depth. Fellow musicians, as well as listeners, comment on Katie’s great pitch, diction, and ability to swing. At the same time, her voice has been described as “soulful” and “as though she truly means every word.” As one reviewer put it, “She displays a stunning vibrato that she uses for touching emotional impact.”

When Katie sings, it is clear that she has great respect and appreciation for the composer. Performing songs by the Gershwins, Cole Porter, Stephen Sondheim, the Bergmans, etc., she delivers the lyrics, whether sad, romantic, or funny, with great sincerity. “A song is likely to become a favorite of mine if the words express something I can sing with emotional honesty,” said Katie. “When those words are combined with well-crafted music, I think the impact of each is intensified. And that to me is magic.”

Katie began her professional career with a band that did private functions and she continues to work with several local bands in that capacity. She has also been the featured vocalist with two Big Bands. Along the way she has done recording work, singing background vocals, jingles, and demo versions for local songwriters. In the mid-eighties, Katie met her husband, Lenny Pierro, while playing in a band together. A few years later they began working together as a duo and in small ensembles at hotels and restaurants in the Philadelphia area, most notably a two and a half year run at “Between Friends” restaurant at the Wyndham Hotel. It was there that they cultivated the repertoire that eventually led to the recording of her first album.

In May 2007, Katie released her debut CD, “Once Upon A Time” recorded at Grammy Award-winning Morning Star Studios. “Making a record has been something I’ve wanted to do for about 30 years,” stated Katie. “It’s really a milestone in my life and my career. It’s been challenging, and fulfilling, and exciting to record my interpretations of these songs with such great musicians. I appreciated every minute of the experience.”

Reference -AAJ

Tradução - Humberto Amorim

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