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Vocalista e bandleader de uma banda do estilo dixieland jazz Bob Crosby nasceu, no 25 de Agosto de 1913, em Spokane,Washington e notabilizou-se pelo seu grupo musical Crosby and the Bob -Cats.

Era o irmão caçula de uma prole de sete irmãos, entre eles Harry, que ficou famoso mundialmente como Bing Crosby.

Bob começou cantando com Anson Weeks e os Irmãos Dorsey. Liderou sua primeira banda em 1935 com os antigos integrantes da banda de Ben Pollack que o indicaram como lider.

Mas a sua mais famosa formação foi a The Bob- Cats, um grupo do estilo dixieland formado por integrantes da Orquestra Bob Crosby. que se especializou em dixieland-jazz que se adiantou ao revival do estilo dixieland em nos anos 40.

Sua voz era muito semelhante, a voz de seu famoso irmão Bing Crosby.

Bob Crosby faleceu em 1993.

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Vocalist and American dixieland bandleader Bob Crosby born August 25,1913,, in Spokane,Washington, was best known for his group Crosby and the Bob- Cats.

He was the youngest of seven children: five boys,Larry (1895-1975), Everett (1896-1966), Ted (1900-1973), Harry (1903-1977, popularly known as Bing Crosby and Bob; and two girls, Catherine (1905-1988) and Mary Rose (1907-1990). His parents were English-American bookkeeper Harry Lowe Crosby (1871-1950) and Irish-American Catherine Harrigan (1873-1964), (affectionately known as Kate), the daughter of a builder from County Mayo in Ireland.

Bob Crosby began singing with Anson Weeks and the Dorsey Brothers (1934-35). He led his first band in 1935, when the former members of Ben Pollack's band elected him as titular leader. His most famous band, the Bob-Cats, was a Dixieland jazz group with members from the Bob Crosby Orchestra. Both the Bob Crosby Orchestra and the smaller Bob-Cats group specialized in Dixieland jazz, presaging the traditional jazz revival of the 1940s. Crosby's singing voice was remarkably similar to that of his brother Bing, but without its range.
The orchestra was actually led by sax player Gil Rodin, with Crosby himself simply the front man, chosen for his personality, looks, and famous last name.

Hits included "Summertime" (theme song), "In a Little Gypsy Tea Room", "Whispers in The Dark", "South Rampart Street Parade", "March of the Bob Cats", "Day In, Day Out", "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby", "Dolores" and " New San Antonio Rose" (last three with Bing Crosby). A bass and drums duet between Haggart and Bauduc, "Big Noise from Winnetka," became a hit in 1938-39.

Bob Crosby has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for Television and Recording.
Three of his songs were featured in the successful 2008 role-playing video game Fallout-3. The tracks included were the hits "Way Back Home" (from the 1949 Danny Kaye film "The Inspector General, "Happy Times" and "Dear Hearts and Gentle People", variously played either on the in-game radio station 'Galaxy News Radio' or the promotional trailers.

As a performer, Crosby had tremendous charisma and wit combined with a laid back persona. He was able to swap jokes competently with Benny, including humorous references to his brother Bing's wealth and his string of losing racehorses. Crosby was married and had five children, three girls and two boys.
The enduring popularity of the Bob Crosby Orchestra and the Bob Cats - whose biography was written by British jazz historian John Chilton, was evident during the frequent reunions in the 1950s and 1960s.

Bob Haggart and Yank Lawson organized a band that kept the spirit alive, combining Dixieland and swing with a roster of top soloists. From the late 1960s until the mid-1970s, the group was known as The World's Greatest Jazzband. Since neither leader was happy with that name, they eventually reverted to The Lawson Haggart Jazzband. The Lawson-Haggart group was consistent in keeping the Bob Crosby tradition alive.
Bob Crosby died in 1993 due to complications from cancer.

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