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A cantora e compositora Marie Ingerslev nasceu no 11 de Outubro de 1974 em Copenhagen,Dinamarca e tem publicado seu material desde os primórdios de sua carreira. Agora ainda mais intensamente com a formação da Banda Mary, muito popular nos paises nórdicos, que facilita a promoção de seu trabalho. O primeiro lançamento da banda foi o CD "In the Head of a Dreamer"

Ouça Marie e sua banda Mary.

Marie Ingerslev was born on October 11,1974 in Copenhagen,
Denmark. Together with her Mary band she outed their first release "In the Head of a Dreamer".

Frontsinger and songwriter Marie Ingerslev, has been writing and performing her own material since early age, and when she established MARY the compositions found their way supported by nordic musicians. The Mary band has visited large and small audiences, worked with people from around the world, experimenting sound.
Marie Ingerslev’s music reflects the summary of different genres, feeded by her lyrics consisting thoughts of meaning and beliefs about life and death.
Vocal / Guitar : Marie Ingerslev, Rhodes / Strings / Keys : Kenneth Hansen Bass / Double bass : Thommy Andersson Drums / Strings / Keys : Kalle Mathiesen Saxophones / Bass clarinet : Guest soloist Torben Snekkestad

Band Mary plays.

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