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O guitarrista e compositor italiano de música jazz Simone Guiducci, nasceu no 24 de maio de 1962, em Turim.

Colaborou nos anos noventa com vários músicos de peso, entre eles, Mauro Negri e Paolo Fresu e, a partir do fim da mesma década, realizou com seu projeto de jazz acústico Gramelot, quatro lançamentos pela gravadora World Felmay na companhia de Ralph Alessi, Don Byron, Erik Friedlander e Chris Speed.

Em 1993, motivado por Enrico Rava, partiu para o seu primeiro trabalho como lider no CD "New Flamenco Sketches" com a participação de um quinteto que contou com o talento do próprio Rava no trompete, o clarinetista Mauro Negri, o baterista Riccardo Biancoli e do contrabaixista Furio di Castri.

O CD "Chorale" foi incluido numa lista de melhores CDs do ano pelo blog americano "All About Jazz", em 2002.

Simone Guiducci ao vivo na Bibiena.

Il chitarrista e compositore italiano di musica jazz Simone Guiducci, nato nel Maio 24, 1962 a Torino.

Mantovano di Castiglione delle Stiviere, anche se nato a Torino, dopo aver collaborato all'inizio degli anni novanta con Mauro Negri, Gianni Coscia,Enrico Rava e Paolo Fresu, a partire dalla fine degli anni novanta ha realizzato con il suo progetto di jazz acustico Gramelot quattro uscite discografiche per l'etichetta World Felmay, collaborando con Ralph Alessi, Don Byron, Erik Friedlander, Chris Speed.

Nel 1993 entra in contatto con Enrico Rava, il quale lo incoraggia a realizzare il suo primo lavoro da leader, dal titolo "New Flamenco Sketches", di un quintetto composto dallo stesso Rava alla tromba, dal clarinettista Mauro Negri, dal batterista Riccardo Biancoli e dal contrabbassista Furio Di Castri.

Il disco Chorale, del 2002, è stato inserito fra i migliori dischi dell'anno dal portale statunitense All About Jazz.

Jazz guitarist and composer Simone Guiducci, was born on May 24, 1962 in Turin, Italy. Guiducci has been hailed as one of the most talented musicians on the Italian jazz scene since the early '90s, going on to make several internationally acclaimed recordings as leader.

Four releases by Simone Guiducci Gramelot produced by Felmay: the debut album "Cantador" (2000), Chorale" (with Ralph Alessi, Chris Speed, Erik Friedlander) "Dancin' Roots" (2004), featuring Ralph Alessi and Don Byron as guests, and the new release "Storie di Fiume" (October 2006)

With a focus on a creative dialogue between folklore themes and jazz improvisation, Guiducci has forged strong ties with the recording and concert worlds, working with Enrico Rava, Gianni Coscia, Paolo Fresu, Gianluigi Trovesi and other leading international artists including Ralph Alessi, Chris Speed, Erik Friedlander, Don Byron and Andy Milne.

Simone Guiducci has performed at major festivals in Italy. In 2005 and 2006 Simone toured the world playing in Buenos Aires and Cordoba (Argentina), Ankara (Turkey), Lima (Peru), Stochkolm (Sweden), Helsinky (Finland), Amsterdam (Holland),Quito and Guayaquil (Ecuador), Caracas (Venezuela), Mexico City (Mexico), Dublin (Ireland), Guatemala City and Antigua (Guatemala), Lyon and Nantes (France) and more.

As one well known critic puts it, Gramelot's folk-jazz is “fluid and free, rippling between jazz, classical and popular music, between regional and global, between the ancient and modern world. It is a language of jazz improvisation interwoven with popular melodies, spoken with an ease and grace. It is many 'languages', spoken as musical expressions or idioms, which come together in a world where the imagination shapes them into new and old forms that are always intriguing”.
Guiducci has received acclaim both from Italian critics, who voted him second in Top Jazz's classification of emerging talents in Italy, and from abroad, with reviews in leading specialist magazines including Jazzman (France), All About Jazz (USA), Cadense (USA), Jazzmagazine (France) and Jazzlive (Austria).
CD "Chorale" came in at number six in the 2002 best jazz record top ten, voted by the panel of critics judging in the Topjazz classification of the specialist monthly magazine Musica Jazz. The recording was also “Pick of the Week “ on the prestigious US portal All About (February 2003) and hit no. 2 (July 2003) in the JazzCharts of the KSZU radio station (Stanford University).

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Tradução - Humberto Amorim

Referencia - AAJ

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